These are the plants which sorting is mostly done by the mechanical equipments and optical seperators. In these plants, humans are positioned in quality control and operation. A fully automated sorting plant generally includes scrape crane, bag opener, trommel screen, ballistic seperator, optical seperator, magnetic conveyor, eddy current seperator and baler press. In the design of these plants, factors such as waste characteristics, the recycables which wanted to be sorted, capacity, operational expenses are considered. In light of these information and with the results of a feasibility study, the design is completed.

In fully automated plants sorting efficiency rates are higher compared with the manual ones. Some materials which is hard for humans to recognize cab easily sorted by the equipments and performance of the machinery is constant for the whole shift.
On the other hand, due to natüre of operation of the machines (as example; ballistic seperator’s stirring up and optical seperator’s blowing with air) materials are sorted