Since 1992 We’ve been providing our services in hydraulic machinery sector.


DİSAN had started its business life with manufacturing cranes, as the time past we widened our product range by manufacturing balers and other hydraulic machines.


Our Product range contains almost every machinery in recycling sector such as; baler press, P.E.T. perfarator, metal baler press, vertical baler press, conveyors (chain, roller, polysort, bucket elevator, sweep), hook lift, scrap crane, trommel screen, static compactor, bale opener, bag opener, finger screen, disc screen, star screen, ballistic separator, rotary separator, air separator, shredder, waste plant engineering, which sorts, bales and transports the waste.


High quality of our products and our efforts to increase job security returned back to us as costumer satisfaction and strengthened our position in sector. Especially our research and development investments on baler presses resulted as larger and stronger market share in the globe.


In these last years, we’ve focused on waste sorting plants and manufacturing more modular, easy to install, easy to maintain, more functional conveyors to decrease plant expenses. In the end we saw these efforts’ results on our manufacturing processes.


We had the opportunity to enter the global market as a results of our expert engineers’ and experienced technical service personals’ achievements about decreasing costs of baler presses with high efficiency. As a result we export our products to Eastern Europe (Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, etc..) and Middle Eastern countries. We are making studies for other countries.


Our after sale services had improved according to customer demands and every kind of technical support included in the sales guarantee.


We think that the most important fact is manufacturing products with safety, high quality, high endurance and easy to use. We think that our efforts about this is not just for today but our mission for future.


As we improve and widened our product range parallel to improvements in recycling technology, we have honored by our contributions for clean environment and to prevent environmental pollution.


Project Management

Disan project management department, designs projects, manages and inspects the project from start to end, maintains a supply chain.

We provide on time, efficient and well programmed project management.



Disan installation team, installs the plant, make its cold and hot commission tests, makes required performance tests. Informs the personal of the customer who will work in the plant about using, maintaining cleaning and troubleshooting of plant.



Disan design and manufactures MSW(Municipal Solid Waste) plants, RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) plants, baler presses, conveyors, trommel screens, finger screens, disc screens, shredders, bag openers, scrap cranes, compactors, steel constructions, shutes, platforms, pavements etc… Our electric department designs and assemblies the electrical panels, SCADA control systems, PLC programmings, cabling of machines and plants.


Technical Support

At first Disan’s service personal tries to solve the problems occur on plants or equipments by phone or on Internet. If the communications don’t give results then our service team directed to field and the problem would be solved. Necessary spare parts are always in our stock.