Ballistic separators are the systems which separates the 3 dimensional material such as P.E.T. bottle, HDPE, Cans, etc… and 2 dimensional material such as cardboard, paper, nylon, etc… and fine materials. Triple separation of materials are accomplished based on density, moment of inertia and geometry. Materials with high density and bigger size materials moves downwards because of the movement of pallet. Low density materials and flat shaped materials moves upward and materials smaller than a certain size falls down through the holes. We manufacture ballistic separator according to required capacity and demand.

 DBS 2000DBS 3000DBS 3500
SCREENING AREA10m²15m²17,5 m²
PALLET WIDTH2000 mm3000 mm3500 mm
PALLET LENGTH5000 mm5000 mm5000 mm
SCREENING ANGLE8-15 °8-15 °8-15 °
MOTOR POWER7,5 kW + 7,5 kW11 kW + 11 kW11 kW + 11 kW
THEORETICAL CAPACITY60m³/h90m³/h105m³/h
MACHINE WEIGHT5,5 ton7 ton8 ton