Disan balers are designed in various dimensions and speeds. Pressing forces are range from 6 tones to 200 tons.

Presses manufactured for baling materials such as Paper, Pet, Nylon, Plastic, wood, sack, tin, fiber, textile waste. With fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual options.

Solid Waste (MSW) arises from the household and business activities of cities.

The composition of these urban wastes varies widely depending on the location of each country, the climate and the degree of economic and social development.

In all cases, it is usually made by a set of heterogeneous materials, most of which can be recycled, some of which are made of inorganic materials.

The remaining material is organic waste, which can be processed through stabilization, compost or anaerobic digestion.

Profile investigation of input waste allows us to optically size the plant and offer a treatment plant where it can achieve maximum profitability from the customer.