Bag openers working principle is based on squeezing and ripping the waste between knives located on a rotating drum and a set of movable knives. The heavy-duty chain conveyor located in the feeding section allows both dosing the material and storing material for a time interval. Another advantage of the bag openers is, the machine does not shred the waste so, recyclable quantity does not affected by the machine. We provide bag openers in various capacities based on your demands.

  DPA 1600 DPA 2000
Capacity 30 tons/h (@350 kg/m³) 45 tons/h (@350kg/m³)
Rotor Uzunluğu 1580 mm 1980mm
Rotor Diameter Ø 750×1580 Ø 750×1980
Rotor Rotation speed 33 rpm 33 rpm
Hydraulic Motor 22 kW 30 kW
Pump 80 cc 112 cc
Conveyor Motor 0.55 kW 0.55 kW
Bunker Volume 20 m³ 25 m³